Thursday, February 21, 2019

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Going On A Trip to the Philippines? Don’t Skip El Nido!

Thailand is, without a doubt, world famous as the party central in Asia. Its vibrant festivals attract millions every year, and in between, people are able to sample some...

Al Fresco Dining in Metro Cebu

The best places to eat ‘Al Fresco’ must have three things – great food, relaxed ambience, and calm weather. Anybody who has been to Cebu, the ‘Queen City of...

Unique Accommodations in the Philippines

Hotel owners find it difficult to come up with new ideas on how to surprise their guests, but luckily there are still hotels and resorts out there that still...

Restoring the Future of Tañon Strait

Tañon Strait is a 161-km channel dividing the islands of Cebu and Negros and a home to 14 species of whales and dolphins. Fishing is the main source of income...

Christmas Season: 5 Eco-friendly Gift Ideas That Give Back

Make the planet proud this Christmas by turning your holiday shopping into an act of kindness with these eco-friendly gift ideas that give back to communities and the environment....


Hot Spot: Shaka El Nido

Hot Spot: Nature’s Village Resort

Are you on a look out to finding a good vacation spot which offers you the respite that you badly need? A place where time is oblivious and in...

Kiteboarding in Palawan

Puerto Princesa is famously known for its moniker ‘City in a Forest’ as it is nestled in the province of Palawan, located at the far western side of the...

Hot Spot: Evolution Diving

A wonderful, relaxed beach to kick back on and coral reefs to explore. Surrounded by smiling, hard-working locals – life doesn’t get much better than the island vibe. You...

Nature’s Playground: Siargao Island

Down in the coconut-filled island of Siargao in Mindanao lies a paradise, a teardrop slice of heaven to be exact, for travelers who are in an endless pursuit of...

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SeventyOne aims to aid the coastal communities of the Philippines, and to promote the fundamentals of marine conservation. We also strive to uphold the concepts of eco-travel as we believe that it is the key to a sustainable tourism industry.

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Beyond Sunscreens: What Ingredients to Avoid

If you’re a conscious traveler, explorer or diver, you probably already have an idea that Oxybenzone found in many sunscreens bleach coral and kills larva at incredibly low concentrations....

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The myth of the Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan is a sad and tragic story about a hundred promiscuous men who started out right but ended up wrong. Myth says...

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With all the traffic in such a dense city, most people would just get out to see other places and miss out on what Manila has to offer. Thanks...

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With over 7,000 islands, the Philippines has a lot of hidden travel gems to explore and discover. If you want to experience something new, here are some places that...

Wondering What To Do In Iloilo? There are lots!

Iloilo may not be on everyone’s go-to travel destination, and they’re certainly missing out! Iloilo province is famous for its centuries-old churches, museums and ancestral houses that serve as...

Woven: Keeping Traditions Alive

Weaving the Way for Local Artisans Sustaining a tradition and empowering a community. In a few bold words, this is what Woven Crafts is set to accomplish. As a social enterprise,...

Philippine’s 1st Eco-friendly Airport Opens: Panglao-Bohol Int’l Airport

The 1st eco-friendly airport in the Philippines started operations last November 28, 2018. President Rodrigo Duterte led the inauguration of the new airport, November 27, together with transportation, tourism,...

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