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How Friendly is Your Eco-Bag?

How well do you know your eco-bag? Is it planet-friendly? Nowadays, there is a growing population of people becoming environmentally conscious and have taken to using eco-friendly bags in order...

Conservation and Education: Tao Philippines

Two friends on board a timeworn and renovated fishing boat with no specific destination in mind were soon later revealed of the natural and raw beauty of Palawan’s North....

Nature’s Playground: Siargao Island

Down in the coconut-filled island of Siargao in Mindanao lies a paradise, a teardrop slice of heaven to be exact, for travelers who are in an endless pursuit of...

Mark Your Calendars! Public Holidays for 2019

We only have four more months left before 2018 ends, and many of you still have a few more out-of-town and overseas trips scheduled for the coming months. However,...

Facts About Dolphin Captivity That You Should Know

The dolphin is one of the most adored animals in the world. Often associated with serenity and depicted as the savior of many seafarers in literature and artwork, this...


Hot Spot: Shaka El Nido

Diet is definitely the most difficult parts of making an environmentally conscious change. Most of us are used to consuming meat, making it a very hard habit to break....

Hot Spot: Nature’s Village Resort

Are you on a look out to finding a good vacation spot which offers you the respite that you badly need? A place where time is oblivious and in...

Kiteboarding in Palawan

Puerto Princesa is famously known for its moniker ‘City in a Forest’ as it is nestled in the province of Palawan, located at the far western side of the...

Hot Spot: Evolution Diving

A wonderful, relaxed beach to kick back on and coral reefs to explore. Surrounded by smiling, hard-working locals – life doesn’t get much better than the island vibe. You...

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SeventyOne aims to aid the coastal communities of the Philippines, and to promote the fundamentals of marine conservation. We also strive to uphold the concepts of eco-travel as we believe that it is the key to a sustainable tourism industry.

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A Few Words with Tara Abrina

Freediving professional and marine conservationist Tara Abrina kick-started Kapit Sisid back in 2016 due to her love for the ocean. Since then she’s gained her AIDA instructor certificate and...

#GoEcoPH by SeventyOne

Join Now for the Chance to Win a Massive P20,000! * Coming Soon in 2020 * JOIN US @SeventyOnePH | #SeventyOnePH  

Creating Your First Eco-starter Kit

If you really want to reduce the amount of waste you produce or have been attempting to live a zero-waste lifestyle, start by creating your own eco-starter kit! Having...

Camping 101: 6 Basic Needs

Camping is a great outdoor activity for anyone looking to escape the stresses of day-to-day life. What you should take on your camping trip depends on what type of...

Travel with A Purpose

Here at The Wave, we believe in giving back. Travel with a purpose – whether volunteer your time or donate to a community in need. As a traveler, you...

Local Ecological Knowledge Can Save Endangered and Rare Animals

Just from knowing where animals live and what they feed on, to which plants are good for our body and its medicinal benefits, communities around the world hold expert...

Top Tips for Beginner Freedivers

When it comes to exploring new and extreme challenges like freediving, it’s wise to equip yourself first with a few tips and tricks to get you started. So if...

Basic Tips to Save Water

If you want to save money and are becoming more eco-conscious, then to save water should be your utmost priority. Lessening your water consumption helps reduce your carbon footprint...

You Can Do It! Start a Fundraising Campaign!

Why YOU can make a difference The Philippines needs more people to rally against the odds and stand for a better tomorrow. Even amidst the looming dangers brought by the...

It’s Totally Free: SeventyOne Magazine

Surf’s up and you’re more than welcome to join in the ride. SeventyOne Magazine is a free-to-read, bi-annual, online magazine. SeventyOne Magazine tackles topics as hot as the tropical sunshine...

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