Explore & Experience San Pascual, Masbate

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Philippines, a scenery of islands sprinkled on different tones of blues. It may seem overrated, but to those who salute the heat of the beaming sun, bathe in sparkling salty water, and roll themselves over in glittery sand, each island is always different to the next, and as beautiful as those in the town of San Pascual in the province of Masbate.

San Pascual, Masbate

Found in the northern bank of Burias Island, San Pascual is a charming laid-back seaside town that relies on the bounty of Burias Pass, Ragay Guld and Sibuyan Sea to support their livelihood. There are more than 3 inhabited islands and a few uninhabited ones – some rocky while the rest are simply lined with white sandy shores.

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Uncrowded and Unspoiled

San Pascual is not your typical tourist destination. The town’s groundwork hasn’t been or is not designed for mass tourism just yet, and its facilities aren’t for those looking for a 5 star ratings. But given the fact that numerous white sand beaches can be found atop its clear waters – in a raw and pristine state, not to mention a backdrop of the all-majestic Mayon Volcano, it is quite impossible for this place not to become a popular tourist destination in the very near future.

If want to see untouched and raw beauty, head over to San Pascual and see for yourself. Don’t wait ’til it gets too crowded.